Custom Cake Pricing and Design


Standard cakes

Round Cakes (includes simple frosting decoration)

6" two layer cake (feeds 4-6)                                  $15

8" three layer cake (feeds 8-15)                              $28

10" three layer cake (feeds 22-30)                          $45

Sheet Cakes

10 x 10 three layer (feeds                                      $55

13 x 9 three layer cake (feeds                                $65

11 x 15 three layer cake (feeds                               $75


Custom A La Carte

4 layer Mega Cake with Ganache Drips

Buttercream Flower



Symphony Celebration

This cake was a sweet symphony of chocolate for Dr. Heinrich Medicus, an accomplished scientist and generous philanthropist. Dr. Medicus enjoys sweets so this cakes inspiration was a chocolate shop. Each layer was packed with truffles and chocolate curls, and the middle tier was a chocolate stout cake, with Bailey's buttercream, and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles throughout the center. Party guests followed me into the kitchen to get extra slices of chocolate.


Joe is 6. 


Joe is actually closer to his teenage years now. Back in his youth this party featured a magic act at a little neighborhood park in Park Slope, Brooklyn and beautiful weather. All the kids at the party ran over to the picnic tables where the cake was when the Magic show ended. I've never see kids stampede for cake before-- it was pretty exciting to see people so excited about cake. 


Classic Favorites 


This cake was made for Murielle, and the talent seamtresses in the costume shop of Purchase College. Murielle taught me a few things about sewing. This cake is a black cake or christmas cake, depending on where you are from. Murielle, is Haitian and she and some of her family call this cake, Voodoo cake.