These signature combinations are only some of our favorites. 

Available as 8" cakes, feeds 8-12. $28.  Extra tall cakes with dripping gananche $40. 

Make it a Mega Cake:  
add chocolate dipped strawberries for $6
strawberries + cake pops $12
Strawberries + cake pops + cannolis or gourmet chocolates $20



Red and Blue velvet Cake layered with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

moist rich chocolate cake, layered with our decadent peanut butter frosting, topped with gananche and chopped peanut butter cups

Chocolate Stout Bomb

Chocolate Stout Cake soaked with whisky, layered with irish creme frosting and mini chocolate chips.

Classic Carrot

This is the indisputable favorite. Super moist carrot cake with raisins, covered with tangy cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts

Confetti Craze

Festive speckled cake covered in vanilla italian buttercream frosted in rainbow colors

Cookies and Creme

Chocolate cake layered with oreo buttercream. Topped with ganache. Add oreo cookie truffles for $10


Banana Cake layered with rich peanut butter frosting topped with dark chocolate gananche and brown sugar candied bacon.

Girl Scout DropOut

chocolate cake layered with mint chip frosting and topped with gananche and thin mint girl scout cookies

Rainbow Raspberry Ruffle

Buttery rainbow cake layered with raspberry preserves covered in ruffled raspberry buttercream

Strawberry Fields *seasonal*

Strawberry Cake, layered with strawberry rhubarb pie filling, and strawberry buttercream. Topped with graham cracker crumbs

Strawberry Shortcake

our vanilla butter cake layered with fresh strawberry slices and frosted with vanilla italian buttercream

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

vanilla cake, layered with brown sugar frosting and italian buttercream and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Add chocolate cookie dough truffles for $10

White Chocolate Raspberry Rhapsody

vanilla butter cake layered with raspberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream